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Belmont Clean – Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your home affect the air that you breathe. We often neglect to think about what is in the air. Our air ducts may be the last thing we are focused on cleaning, even when we deep clean our homes.

The truth is that your air ducts can harbor all sorts of nasty things that you might not even realize. Air duct cleaning is important for the health and safety of everyone in the home.

Belmont Clean can help! Our skilled team has the knowledge and the equipment to get your air ducts cleaned out and get rid of things that could be affecting your health. This is just one of those areas that you should add to your annual or semi-annual deep cleaning list. Don’t ignore the air ducts!

Why Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

When you think about how your heating and air system works, it goes through a cycle. You have an air return that is pulling air out of your home and returning it to the system. The system is heating or cooling that air and rotating it back into your home.

The air travels through the pathway of air ducts and is distributed through various vents around your home. But is the air that the system is pulling through the return really clean?

Or what about the air traveling back through the ducts? If any part of the air or the ducts are contaminated with even a bit of dust, this is propelled back into your home, right?

Cleaning your air ducts is the only way to prevent this from happening and to improve the air quality.

Can the Air Really Be That Bad?

Your air ducts are loaded with things like pollen, dust, pet dander, and more. If anyone in the home suffers from allergies or asthma, your messy air ducts could be contributing to those issues. They certainly aren’t helping make them better!

Even mold spores and dust mites will make their way into the air ducts. Once dust mites get in there, they reproduce – and then the air ducts are loaded with dust mites that are causing polluted air to be sent back into your home.

Did you know that the air ducts in your home are actually far more polluted than any outside air? In fact, you can find studies that tell us more than 95% of home air ducts are heavily polluted. It’s scary when you think about it. Chances are, your home is one of them.

Now that you know just how dirty the air in your home might be, it’s time to take action!

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

When you hire Belmont Clean for air duct cleaning in your home, we do it right. We bring in our equipment to get rid of all of those nasty little things in the air ducts and we clean them thoroughly. You will finally breathe clean air again! Let’s see if you can notice a difference after the fact. Different cleaning companies use different systems. Our system is a proven process designed to be efficient and trustworthy. Every cleaning process starts with an inspection first so we know the system and know how to work through the job.

The inspection gives us a chance to familiarize ourselves with your space as well as the system. If for any reason there are materials that could be problematic, we can assess that before we begin and follow proper procedures as well.

Then the cleaning begins! This process will resemble vacuuming, but it’s a special vacuum with an extended hose that travels cleanly through your air duct system. We may need access through several vents in the process. The goal here is to vacuum up those dust mites, mold spores, dirt, pollen, and other particles that are residing within the system. They might even be built up significantly if your ducts have never been cleaned or if it has been a long time.  All of those particles are disposed of outside of the home. This rids your home air duct system of the nasty things within the ducts to give you fresh, clean breathing air at home. After all, you should be able to breathe comfortably in your own home! Finally, we wrap up with an inspection just to make sure we got everything!

How Often Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

The industry recommendation for air duct cleaning is about every 3 years. If anyone in the home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory disorders, you may want to consider having them cleaned every 1-2 years. The science shows that more than 50% of illnesses tend to stem from polluted indoor air, so don’t take the chance. In between air duct cleanings, you can be proactive in your home with these things. 

  • Use HEPA filters on anything you can
  • Change your HVAC filters regularly
  • Have drains and coils cleaned on your system seasonally
  • Protect your returns and vents if there is work causing dust
  • Be sure your HVAC filters are the right size and fit for the system

Belmont Clean Air Duct Cleaning Free Estimate.

If your air ducts need to be cleaned, give us a call today. We will provide you with a free estimate so you know just what the job will require. This also gives us a chance to take a look and know what to expect. Your home and your health deserve to be breathing fresh air. Don’t put air duct cleaning on the back burner. Enjoy the fresh air you deserve!

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