How It Works

Our revolutionary method uses five thorough steps to effectively remove all of the soil, allergens, and bacteria safely from your carpet. Learn more about our green and healthy cleaning process.

Clean carpets create a happy and healthy home!


First, the carpet is vacuumed, using a 5-horsepower commercial extractor, removing abrasives, allergens and dust.

Remove Soil

Using our special cotton pads, the liquified soil is absorbed out of the carpet, leaving your carpet fresh, healthy and clean.


Then the carpet is gently sprayed with our soap-free, 100% safe and environmentally friendly cleaner, which penetrates to the base of the carpet pile.


Finally, the carpet is groomed, leaving the knap lying all in one direction, which helps the carpet to dry in just a few hours!


A rotary activator is then used to agitate the carpet pile, freeing and liquifying embedded soil, while lifting the knap where it has been flattened.

Because our unique system uses no soaps, steam, bleaches or caustics, your carpets will stay clean three to four times longer. And because we use a far more safe and thorough process, your carpets and upholstery will not only stay cleaner longer, they will last far longer—which protects your valuable investments. And because we only use enough moisture to remove the soil, your carpets will dry quickly – in just a few hours! No system is as safe, thorough, and environmentally friendly as Belmont Clean.

Our commitment to the environment : while most other companies run very inefficient equipment that burns diesel fuel to operate, adding further pollution to the air we breathe, we use only the finest and most advanced electric-powered equipment, which delivers a more thoroughly cleaned carpet while keeping our air clean. Also, while other companies run through high quantities of detergents that often get pumped out and end up in the local watershed, we use only Green Seal Certified products that are 100% safe and leave no residue, and we only use enough to clean the carpet thoroughly, leaving no chemicals behind when we are done. We all want to have a planet where future generations will inherit a clean and sustainable environment, and part of mission is to help make that happen. Also, be sure to check out our Green Tips page for valuable advice on saving money, water and energy!

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